Quickbird studios team

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. – Steve Jobs

To craft an app that gets users excited, you yourself need be excited building it. We love our job and put that passion into every project we work on. Developers and designers at QuickBird Studios publish apps, web projects or blogs in their free time as well. We know what it’s like out there. We’re not here to work on just any project or for any client. We go to work every morning to craft the best apps for the best clients.

What we stand for

Cutting the edge

We love working on the cutting edge. That is as true for technology and design as it is for our team mentality and goals. We are constantly improving our tech stack and iterate on our process structure. Touching, smelling, learning and eventually mastering new technologies makes us tick.

Trust & Transparency

At the heart of our philosophy is the believe in trust and honesty. That goes for our team as well as our clients. We like to think of our colleagues and clients as friends rather than mere work partners.

Young and innovative

We love our work and want to be proud of the results. Our clients can feel that. Long brain storming sessions with our customers tend to uncover ways to do things differently or more efficiently. If we know a better way to do a task, we do not shy away from saying it.

Meet our team

Stefan Kofler

Stefan Kofler Founder

Malte Bucksch

Malte BuckschFounder

Sebastian Sellmair

Sebastian SellmairTechnical Lead

Julian Bissekkou

Julian BissekkouAndroid Developer

Ghulam Nasir

Ghulam NasiriOS Developer

Klaus Niedermair

Klaus NiedermairAndroid Developer

Nikolaos Tzioras

Nikolaos TziorasiOS Developer

Paul Kraft

Paul KraftiOS Developer

Patrick SattleriOS Developer

Quirin Schweigert

Quirin SchweigertiOS Developer

Michael Schlicker

Michael SchlickeriOS Developer

Lizzie Studeneer

Lizzie StudeneerMarketing

Balazs Toth

Balazs TothAndroid Developer


Mathias QuinteroiOS Developer

Eduardo Prado

Eduardo PradoiOS Developer

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Quickbird studios team