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Diabetes prevention for pregnant women

Statistically, 13.2 % of all pregnant women develop Diabetes during pregnancy. Eating habits, fitness, and psychological factors like stress highly impact the probability of developing Diabetes. The iOS app Triangle helps pregnant woman prevent the development of Diabetes by embracing physical activity, a healthier diet, and relaxation exercises like Meditation. Women can set themselves challenges and goals for cultivating healthier habits and track their progress. By providing a comprehensive knowledge base, the app raises awareness of the Diabetes risks. Through an integrated chat, women can chat directly with their medical advisors. The medical advisors can use tracked data to identify improvement points.

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Triangle app iOS screenshot
Triangle app iOS screenshot
Triangle app iOS screenshot

About the project with Klinikum Großhadern

We built Triangle for the Klinikum Großhadern in Munich. It was the result of a close collaboration between doctors, developers, designers, and project managers. Working directly with a big clinic like Klinikum Großhadern was an honor, but it came with significant responsibility. It was integral to create a highly reliable product that could be used with real patients.

Quality standards were enforced by different testing strategies and frequent deliveries to the doctors. Medical advisors at Klinikum Großhadern already use Triangle internally. The app is subject to a clinical study and will afterwards be released to other clinics.

Technology we worked with

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